Racism, Discrimination & Human Rights

Research Name Date
State of Relations, March 2016 : Relations, Contact and Perceptions of Religious, Aboriginal and Racial Groups in Canada2016-03-21
Survey on Religion, Racism and Intergroup Relations in Canada Shows Differences in Attitudes Among Anglophones, Francophones and Other Groups2014-05-02
Probing prejudice2013-03-20
Bullying in Quebec2012-11-19
Bullying Canadians: Assessing the degree to which we admit to bullying and being its victim 2012-04-10
Canadians Regard the Internet as the Place Where Racism is Most Prevalent 2012-03-21
A decade after September 11th 20012011-09-13
A Four Country Survey Of Opinion On Racism And Prejudice In 2010: Canada, The United States, Germany And Spain2011-01-24
Quebec Identity in 2011: Attachments, Identity and Diversity 2011-01-14
Wage Gap Between Men and Women Little Narrows in beginning of Century 212010-03-08
Discrimination in Canada and Europe: Perceptions, Experiences and Attitudes2008-11-07
The Changing Vertical Mosaic: Intergenerational Comparisons in Income on the Basis of Visible Minority Status in Canada, 20062008-10-06
How are Canadians Reasonably Accommodating Gas Price Hikes? Canadian Consumer Reaction to the Rising Price of Fuel2008-06-09
CRRF-ACS Survey on Racism and Anti-Semitism2008-03-20
Perception of Human Rights violations by Canadians to mark 59th anniversary of UN Universal Human Rights Declaration2007-12-10
Reasonable Accommodation of Immigrants and Religious Minorities and the Quebec Distinction2007-10-24
Reasonable Accommodation series2007-09-08
Reasonable or not, Montreal schools will accommodate diversity in the future2007-09-04
Canadian 'Separatists' Value Accommodation of Religious Minorities: exploring the relationship between separation of church and state and reasonable accommodations2007-06-15
Canadian 'Separatists' Value Accommodation of Religious Minorities2007-06-15
The War and Concerns Over Tolerance in Canada: Is it a Problem?2003-01-01
Concerns Over Tolerance in Canada in a Time of War in the Middle East: Is it a Problem?2003-01-01

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State of Relations, March 2016 : Relations, Contact and Perceptions of Religious, Aboriginal and Racial Groups in Canada
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