Political Participation

Research Name Date
Who Follows the News: World Events, Canadian and Provincial Politics2013-02-18
Quebec Elections 2012- Post-Electoral Survey2012-09-07
Health, Jobs, Economy and Integrity: Top Priorities of Quebecers in 2012 Election 2012-08-13
Engaged but Disempowered: Few Quebecers think politicians listen to them while majority of Anglophones feel they have few voting alternatives and little real influence in forthcoming elections 2012-08-10
Doth I Protest: Ontarians and not Quebecers are Canada's leading public demonstrators2012-05-01
Sovereignist Sentiment : Quebec youth no longer on board2011-11-07
Is Canada Entering a Post-Constitutional Era?2011-11-04
Post Election Survey in Quebec 20112011-05-10
The Four I's of Canadian Politics in 2011: Interest, Influence, Impact and Involvement 2011-04-20
Quebecers Attachment to Canada and Views on Sovereignty and Identity 2011-03-14
The Canadian Grievance Index: A F-e-d-e-r-a-l Story2010-02-11
Lack of Clarity? On tenth anniversary many Canadians unclear about Legislation and its effect2009-12-15
Strength Down Centre? Ontario's Evolving Self-Image in the Federation2009-07-29
The State of the Canadian Union: Are attitudes towards Federalism in flux? Part 1-32009-07-28
Are Canadians Political Animals: Elections 2008, Interest and Engagement in Canadian Politics2008-09-26
The vote's importance: how do we perceive our knowledge, our interest and our impact in politics in Canada2007-03-21
Reducing the Democratic Deficit: The Causes of Low Voter Turnout as Viewed by Canadians 2004-12-18

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