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Research Name Date
La Commission royale sur le bilinguisme et le biculturalisme, 50 ans plus tard2013-10-15
English or French on the decline in Quebec? Views from the ROC 2013-06-27
Definition and representation of Anglophones in Montreal2013-06-10
Identité et francophonie canadienne2013-02-11
Does contact between Quebec francophones and ?English? heighten or reduce insecurities about the Preservation of French?2012-12-10
Language Contact and Mixing in Ottawa and Gatineau in 2011 2012-11-15
Two and a half solitudes2012-10-22
Asking the questions differently: Franco-Quebecois opinions on fostering linguistic dialogue2012-04-10
English tops the charts when it comes to music listen to by young francophone Quebecers: Some three in four francophones between the age of 18 and 24 listen to more English than French music 2011-02-21
Stating the Obvious? Quebecers Agree Montreal is a Bilingual City and agree that?s the way it should be 2011-02-03
Francophonie and Cultural Consumption: Is Official Languages Act the Precursor for Multiculturalism Policies?2009-09-11
Official Languages in Canada: Perceived or Misperceived?2009-09-08
Contribution, Comprehension and Behaviour: How are anglo-Quebeckers viewed by franco-Quebeckers and the perceptions of francophones and non-francophones of this situation 2009-07-28
Capital Language: Differences in Language Knowledge and Use in Ottawa and Gatineau2009-03-16
Allophones Build Communities in the Rest of Quebec2009-02-10
Does Bilingualism Mean Greater Employability?2008-04-25
Our 'Cense' of Self: the 2006 Census Saw 1.6 Million 'Canadian' Canadians Return to British and French Origins2008-04-25
New Brunswick needs to better assess progress on French language learning amongst province's anglophone children2008-03-31
Canada's Evolving Language Realities2008-03-11
Bilingualism in Canada: Definitely, Maybe? - Part 22008-03-11
Bilingualism in Canada: Definitely, Maybe? - Part 12008-03-11
Canada's Changing Language Realities and the Challenge of Bilingualism2008-01-09
Canada's Changing Language Realities and the Challenge of Bilingualism2008-01-09
Francophone Quebecers Value Their Anglophone Counterparts But Generalizations About Them Persist2007-11-29
Insecurities Intact: 30 Years After the Adoption of the Charter of the French Language, Quebec Majority and Minority Alike Remain Pessimistic Over Respective Futures2007-08-27

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