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Research Name Date
Parti Quebecois Government Breaks Two 21st Century Records 2014-01-08
Immigration and Official Language Communities in Ottawa and Gatineau from the 2011 National Household Survey 2013-05-30
Identity and Attachment Amongst Immigrant and Non-immigrant Quebecers2013-05-07
Elements of an Integrated Society and Indexing: Ten Experts Weigh In on Meaning and Measures2013-03-29
Retiring Requirement: The Have and Have-Nots of Retirement in Canada2012-03-13
Is Canada Big Enough? Canadian Views on the Size of Our Population 2011-07-25
2011 Census Can Succeed - Census Makes Sense to Most Canadians 2011-05-24
Who Wants to Come to Canada?2010-06-23
Immigrants and Public Opinion2009-12-22
Boundaries of Identity: Geographic Knowledge, Identities and Migration in Canada and the United States2009-07-28
Changing Trend in Migration? Places of Migrants to Canada Evolves Slightly in 20072008-12-17
Attitudes towards Jews and Muslims: Comparing Canada with the United States and Europe2008-09-19
Immigrant Family Income in Canada 2006: Saskatchewan and Alberta are areas of highest remuneration2008-09-04
Shifting Patterns of Immigration in Canada2008-07-25
Home is Where the Heart Is? Census Reveals Growing Numbers of Americans in Canada2008-07-04
Visible Minorities and Education in Canada2008-05-26
Reasonable Remuneration: The Earnings Gap between Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in Canadian Cities2008-05-20
Visible Minority Unemployment in Canadian CMA's2008-05-20
Unemployment Rates of Visible Minority Groups in Canada, 1991-20062008-05-20
Canadians on the Move in 20072008-04-07
Canadians Have Favorable Opinion of Aboriginals in Canada; especially those in contact with members of aboriginal communities2008-01-14
Rest of Canada Accommodates Growing Number of Quebecers: Net Loss of Quebecers from Interprovincial Migration Soared in April-June 20072007-10-15
Quebec prefers “le statut quo”: When it comes to the desired numbers of immigrants Quebec is not distinct in its aspirations2007-08-20
Citizenship and Belonging to Canada2007-08-13
Advice to prospective Immigrants who want to live in Canada?2007-08-13

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