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Research Name Date
The Grievance Index 20122013-01-21
Data on the State of the Federation in 20122013-01-21
Terrorism and Counter terrorism: Knowledge, Fears and Perceived Root Cause(s) 2012-12-20
Canadians Want to Take More Active Role in Pursuing Peace through Diplomacy2012-05-10
Young Francophones of Quebec Look Most Positively upon France2012-05-08
Two Hundred Years after the War of 1812: Canada hits record level of favourability with the United States2012-03-26
Canadian Opinion Ten Years after 9-11 2011-09-12
Americans Knowledge and Learning about Canada 2011-06-01
Canada and the United States: The distance between US2011-03-16
Trust and Confidence in Armed Forces and National Government (US, Canada, Spain and Germany)2011-02-21
Federalism-Haiti-racial profiling2010-11-18
Ameri-can-adians: Demography and Identity of Borderline Canadians and Americans2010-05-25
Help and Hope for Haiti: Canadian opinion on the relief effort and prospects for the future (part 2)2010-01-30
Bend but not break: Canadian Views on Immigration from Haiti (Part 1)2010-01-30
Bordering on the US Canadian Views of the Relationship with our neighbour2009-09-17
Canada and the US: Friends, Yes. Allies, Maybe.2009-05-05
Canadians and Americans: shared values but not shared culture2008-02-14
Canadians go a Little Loony over the rise in their Dollar against the Greenback2007-12-13
Many Canadians have considered a move to the U.S.; Some two million Canadians have recently considered buying U.S. real estate2007-12-03
Canadian National Polling Data: Perceptions of Latin America and the Caribbean2007-11-09
Are Canadians World Class Citizens? Our Ranking in International Indices of Citizenship2007-09-28
Melting the Ice: Six Years after 9-11 Canadians regard US as country with which they are most likely to share values and goals2007-09-13
Canada amongst Three Countries in the World that majority of Americans view as close ally2007-08-20
Canada amongst Three Countries in the World that majority of Americans view as close ally. Great Britain seen as US's closest ally and Australia ranks third.2007-08-20
The State of Relations Between Canada and the United States2007-07-04

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