Social Research

The ACS is well known for its social research on topics ranging from history knowledge to public perceptions of racism, to opinion on political parties. Quoted in news outlets across the country, our research is tightly intertwined with the ACS mission, that of increasing Canadians’ knowledge about their own country.

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Research Name Category Date
State of Relations, March 2016 : Relations, Contact and Perceptions of Religious, Aboriginal and Racial Groups in CanadaRacism, Discrimination & Human Rights2016-03-21
Witches, Warlocks and Wiccans of CanadaReligion2014-08-19
Humanities, Social Sciences & Education and Related Unemployment Rates in CanadaSocio-Economics2014-07-29
"Man, I feel like a woman"Identity & Values2014-07-28
Research of the Day 07/22/2014: Closing the Gender Gap in Canadian UniversitiesSocio-Economics2014-07-28
The Healthiest CanadiansHealth2014-07-28
Research of the Day 07/21/14: Average & Median Incomes for Humanities, Education and Social Sciences GradsSocio-Economics2014-07-21
NHL Still Outscores World CupSports2014-07-11
Charter ChatterIdentity & Values2014-07-10
What Keeps Canada Together?Identity & Values2014-06-30
Benchmarking Attachment to Canada: Historic Trends, Current Comparisons with other expressions of identity Identity & Values2014-06-30
Flagrant Displays of FlagsIdentity & Values2014-06-27
A Tale of Two CelebrationsIdentity & Values2014-06-26
Survey on Religion, Racism and Intergroup Relations in Canada Shows Differences in Attitudes Among Anglophones, Francophones and Other GroupsRacism, Discrimination & Human Rights2014-05-02
Charter of Values: Gap Between Support in Principle and in Practice Identity & Values2014-01-14
Parti Quebecois Government Breaks Two 21st Century Records Immigration & Demographics2014-01-08
Consultation publique portant sur le renforcement de l'enseignement de l'histoire nationale au primaire et au secondaireCanadian History & Knowledge2013-12-09
The Queen and Tim HortonsCanadian History & Knowledge2013-10-15
La Commission royale sur le bilinguisme et le biculturalisme, 50 ans plus tardLanguage2013-10-15
Opinion des quebecois sur le cours mandatoire d'histoire du Québec au CEGEPCanadian History & Knowledge2013-10-15
Attachment and Social Media in CanadaIdentity & Values2013-10-09
Multicultural with Two Official Languages: The Dominant Vision of Canada Identity & Values2013-07-03
Oh Canada: How Often Do We Sing Our National Tune and Exhibit Our LeafCanadian History & Knowledge2013-07-02
Remembering Our Canadian History: Learning, Knowledge and Pride Canadian History & Knowledge2013-07-02
English or French on the decline in Quebec? Views from the ROC Language2013-06-27

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State of Relations, March 2016 : Relations, Contact and Perceptions of Religious, Aboriginal and Racial Groups in Canada
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